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Management Services

The correct approach

The management of workplace health and safety is an integral part of good management generally. A safety management system is a systematic approach to the management of your organisation’s health and safety. Following an initial Health and Safety audit, your dedicated TRAC Safety Manager will design a bespoke safety management system tailored to your business.

Our ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ approach achieves a balance between the systematic and behavioural aspects of health and safety management.


  • • Determine your policy
  • • Design your plan implementation


  • • Review performance
  • • Act on lessons learned


  • • Risk profiling
  • • Organise your business for health and safety
  • • Implement the plan


  • • Monitor health and safety performance
  • • Investigate incidents

Working closely with your management team

Your dedicated TRAC Safety Manager will work closely with your management team and guide your business through the implementation of your bespoke management system.

With your Armour Safety Manager carrying the burden for you and your business, you can be sure that your health and safety obligations are met without the large expense of employing your own Health and Safety Manager.

TRAC will provide services to assist in formulating comprehensive solutions to all SHE related matters, which includes the implementation, upgrading and maintenance of SHE systems related to the workplace environment or employee behaviour.

Services Offered:

  • • Implementation of an integrated SHE management system
  • • Developing Food Safety management syste
  • • Conducting baseline and continuous risk / impact assessments
  • • Setting of objectives and targets
  • • Training on in-house SHE systems
  • • Basic training and up-skilling of SHE personnel
  • • Customised eLearning products
  • • Developing Induction Programmes
  • • Developing SHE Management Plans
  • • Implementation of Behaviour Based Systems
  • • Selection and Sourcing of Personal Protective Equipment
  • • Assisting in the preparation of audits
  • • Providing PPE, Emergency Equipment and Safety signs
  • • Provide the service of demarcating sites

Implementation of ISO 14001:2015

We specialize in the development of a company specific environmental management system, which will reduce / minimize / eliminate the impact of the company’s processes on the environments

How will ISO 14001:2015 help your business

A well designed and implemented environmental management system should address the delicate balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact, and include:

  • • Streamlining environmental processes, reducing waste and the carbon footprint of your business
  • • Reducing tax, energy and insurance bills, lowering operating costs
  • • Reducing the risk of prosecution due to environmental breaches or failure to comply with the law and the associated bad PR
  • • roviding your business with the credentials to satisfy growing market demand and open up global business opportunities with a recognised mark of environmental efficiency
  • • Giving clients and those in your supply chain absolute confidence that your business will add value and support them in their own environmental policies.

Perhaps the most important element of ISO 14001-2015 however, is that it is not a one-off exercise with regular reviews keeping the environment at the heart of corporate culture. In a world where environmental impact is of growing importance, an environmental management system can keep you ahead of your competition.

TRAC Conducts Risk Assessments Based On:

  • • People tasks
  • • Equipment used
  • • Materials used or exposed to and
  • • The working environment
  • • Aspect Assessments (Baseline)
  • • Continuous based risk assessments: Based on company risk profile
  • • Issue-based risk assessment

Development Of Documentation Forms

TRAC Can Assist In The Development Of All Mandatory Procedures Required By The International Standards:

  • • Hazard assessment procedure
  • • Incident management procedure
  • • Training management procedure
  • • Document and record control procedure
  • • Monitoring procedure
  • • Auditing procedure

Further To This TRAC Can Develop And Provide Customised Inspection Records, Which Will Enhance The Management System To Reduce Risk:

  • • SHE Representative inspection records
  • • First aid boxes
  • • Emergency equipment i.e. safety showers etc.
  • • Housekeeping
  • • Compressors
  • • Lifting tackle and many, many more

Policies Which TRAC Can Assist With:

  • • Health & safety Policy
  • • Environmental Policy
  • • No Smoking Policy
  • • Alcohol and drug abuse policy
  • • Monitoring procedure
  • • Workplace Inspections

TRAC can assist you with conducting your workplace inspections to ensure that your workplace is legally compliant by developing a company specific planned monitoring program with predetermined inspection frequencies.

Development of Safety & Health Plans (Construction Regulations)

As per the construction requirements TRAC has extensive experience in the development of SHE Plans. Documentation and Forms will be customized with company logos and letterheads.

All assessments and work method statements will be prepared and ready for use.